CCM Income Fund I, LLC

Investment Overview

CCM Income Fund I, LLC is making a $50mm private placement offering under Rule 506(b) of  SEC Regulation D. Proceeds will be used to purchase a majority interest in single purpose limited partnerships (“Upstream Partnership”) that will acquire and operate commercial office, multi-family apartment complexes, strip malls, hotels or standalone retail space with a view toward generating an attractive level of income from net cash flow and capital appreciation on the sale or refinancing of a property (“Property”).

Sponsor Profile

Scott W. Coy is president of Coy Capital Management, a PA registered investment adviser, and manager of Oakmont Funding. His affiliates serve as managers of the majority owner of interests in, as well as the general partner of, limited partnerships that have acquired, managed and profitably sold multi-family commercial real estate. With $175mm of current privately held commercial real estate assets and growing, Scott W. Coy and his affiliates have established themselves as premier owners/managers of commercial multi-family real estate in Western PA and Central and Eastern OH.

CCM Income Fund I - Documents

CCM Income Fund I - Individual Property Financials