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Investment Management

At Coy Capital Management, we believe successful investing is predicated not on timing markets, but on quality time in the markets. We apply our process to building carefully diversified portfolios that take the appropriate amount of risk for each individual client.

We believe that proper diversification is fundamental to achieving optimal portfolios.  Through extensive research and security analysis, along with access to top-tier, low-cost funds and ETFs across all asset classes, our team recommends portfolios aimed at optimizing returns in coordination with each client’s individual risk tolerance.


Our team of advisors provides clients with leading investment opportunities. From insights and research, to analysis and customized asset allocation proposals, our professionals draw on their background in both individual and institutional markets to provide a personalized investing experience.

Through evaluating each client’s risk profile and investment objectives, we are able to determine which customized strategy is most prudent to achieve their goals. Our senior practitioners then craft dynamic portfolios with an emphasis towards striking the perfect balance of strategic and tactical allocations, aimed at capitalizing on long-term growth opportunities and preserving wealth during times of uncertainty.

Our Process

At Coy Capital Management, we manage assets across fixed income, equities, and alternatives to provide clients with tailored solutions engineered to exceed expectations. As a collective, our specialists work across asset classes to deliver clients the customized solutions they deserve.

While seeking investments that rate highly versus its peers and carry favorable risk characteristics, our client commitment relies on more than statistics alone. As a foundational rule of our firm, we only recommend investments in which our advisors would personally invest in.

All investors have unique goals, different time horizons, and varying appetites for risk. Through comprehensive discussion and analysis, our advisors will develop a plan that best fits your individual situation.  We believe that a customized strategy with access to top ranking, low-cost institutional funds and ETF's across asset classes is the foundation for a well-diversified portfolio.  By performing extensive research on each security and utilizing tools to compare various fund characteristics and statistical measurements, our advisors recommend portfolios constructed with a with a suite of premiere investment solutions, diversified across asset classes.  

Once your unique strategy has been implemented, our advisors will consistently monitor your portfolio and underlying securities, occasionally suggesting changes or rebalancing investments to prevent style drifting away from your risk objective. Through regular communication with you and diligent observation of your portfolio, we strive to ensure that you are positioned appropriately throughout your future and evolving market cycles.